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Book: The Boy Who Loved Windows

posted Mar 8, 2012, 3:27 PM by Christine Gordon   [ updated May 14, 2013, 8:00 AM by Christine Gordon ]

Stacey, Patricia. The Boy Who Loved Windows: Opening The Heart And Mind Of AChild Threatened With Autism. De Cappo Press. 2004. 320pgs. (Kindle edition available)

Another one of those books I just couldn't put down and ended up reading in one sitting! Beginning with his birth, Stacey’s personal account of raising her son Walker gives us an intimate look into his struggles to connect and her desperate search to find help. She artfully captures her son’s sensory integration difficulties in a manner readily understandable. Bringing the reader on her journey through moments of panic, hope, relief, fear, and love, Stacey recounts her search for different therapies and the funding assistance to pay for them (a roller-coaster ride in itself!). In particular, the book focuses on the family’s work with Stanley Greenspan using his inspiring, play-based “Floortime” approach and is a beautiful account of the method’s specifics as well as the amount of family work it takes. Stacey’s heart-wrenching, intimate honesty leaves the reader feeling like a part of her family. Not only for people that raise or work with children with autism, this story highlights the power of connectedness and empathy for all humans, leaving the reader redefining potential and advocating for courage and hope. I look forward to reading more by Stacey as well as learning more about Greenspan’s work. Stay tuned!